As a forward-looking company, Research and Development Activities play a key role for ANADIAG ITALIA. One of the main strengths of the company is the wide experience of its technicians on several sectors. Research and internal training (on European ANADIAG GROUP) are constant and allow a continuous exchange of know-how among the technicians.

ANADIAG Group - Breath of coverage, Depth of knlowledge

Research and Development

ANANADIG ITALIA also performs relevant research studies in collaboration with Research Institutes, University and Local Authorities:

  • Monitoring of particular and emerging situations on plant health. Among them the most relevant are: 'Monitoring about Esca of Grapevine disease' and the 'Evolution of the Flavescence dorée and its vector (S. titanus) around the Tortona's area'.
  • Soil Monitoring in Lombardy Region
  • Study of use of different calcium formulations against 'Botrytis cinerea pers.'
  • Project on the Reduction of Copper in viticulture, with the organization of the final international conference
  • Project on 'Use of sugar for defense against losses caused by Lepidopteran species'
  • Plant pathology diagnosis.

ANADIAG ITALIA is always available to participate and promote new research projects in collaboration with other companies or institutions, at local and European level.