In order to provide a full support to its customer base and thanks to a deep knowledge of both national and European environments, ANADIAG ITALIA) helps its clients to inform key business decisions through high professional consulting services, within the actual IPM (Integrated Pest Management) dynamics in Europe and Italian framework.

Marketing and Communication

  • Rationalization of investments through preventive Market Survey that aims to provide comprehensive assessments on potential sectors (crop - pest or product) wherein it is possible to make GEP studies
  • Preparation of appropriate experimental trials programs useful for the mutual recognition within the climatic zones
  • Implementation of customized GAP Analysis (development analysis and strategic market segmentation, assessment of the ongoing business model and areas of distinct advantage over competitors as well as the potential improvement dynamics)
  • A set of effective Marketing services, able to enhance the results of the experimental trials that has been carried out, always studying with customers the most suitable solutions for their business needs and outreach
  • Arrangement of field demonstration trials at representative farms for the specific territory, involving technical advisor and opinion leaders.