ANADIAG ITALIA offers a full range of services required for the PPP registration, providing to the customer specific protocols based on the specific objectives, ensuring a complete and direct management of each phase.

Efficacy trials GEP

Residues trials GLP

Supplementary tests

Official field trials are carried out according to the GEP (Good Experimental Practice) principles, as required by the EPPO (European Organization for the Protection of Plants) guidelines and completed with the most detailed French methodologies CEB (Commission des Essais Biologiques). They can be performed on the entire Italian territory, especially in the key agricultural areas, using modern equipments.

  • Evaluation of PPP effectiveness (chemical or biological origin) to control several kind of pests (including emerging pests or quarantine)
  • Evaluation of Phytotoxicity and Selectivity towards target plants
  • Evaluation of the impact on yield quantity and quality, made through harvest of the crops and analysis of quality parameters
  • Evaluation of the effects on succeding crops or on rotational crops
  • Assessment of the effects on beneficial entomofauna and non-target organisms

The residue trials follows an accurate European system. It starts from the field and ends at the final stage of the Analysis (carried out at the ANADIAG Groups laboratories); it provides the full management with a single contact person. The GLP trials comply with GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) standards and OECD guidelines, with specific SOP (Standard Operating Procedures).

  • Field trials with PPP, aimed to determine the residues on treated crops
  • Evaluation of the residue behaviors of active substances and their metabolites from the application until the harvest or until the market of stored products
  • Evaluation of residue data on succeding crops or on rotational crops
  • Identification of the PHI (Pre Harvest Interval)
  • Variability of residues trails, carried out by analyzing, fruit by fruit, the residual distribution
  • Residue analysis on samples, obtained during the field trials, using modern tools (HPLC, gas chromatographs, spectrophotometers, etc ...)
  • Validation of analytical methods

ANADIAG ITALIA is officially recognized for the implementation of unusual trials, often necessary for the completion of Annex II or Annex III and, therefore, for the registration process or revision of PPP.

  • ECO-TOX STUDIES : field trials about the effects on non-target organisms.
  • PROCESSING STUDIES : (about wine, fruit juices, tomato sauce, olive oil, beer etc…)
    • - GEP : evaluation of active substance effects on processing and on the qualitative aspects of the final products (Taint test)
    • - GLP : assess of residues in the final processed product and in all steps of the production process (Follow-up)
  • OPERATOR EXPOSURE STUDIES (OPEX) and worker re-entry studies (dislodgeable residues): studies are carried out by our team, through close cooperation with field operators