The wide experience in agrochemical service and the strong relationships with key stakeholders allow ANADIAG ITALIA to reach at the various requests about the management of services for PPP registration:

Full registration dossiers and Biological Dossier

  • Coordination and rationalization of the number of studies required
  • Analysis and evaluation of the data obtained from GLP and GEP studies carried out in field and in laboratory
  • Task force management
  • Preparation and management of Dossiers Annex II & III.

BIOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT DOSSIER (BAD) draw up in the OECD format and DRR, for supporting a new registration, a label extension or a re- registration of formulated product.

  • Selection of trials to be included in the Dossier
  • Careful assessment of the number of efficacy and selectivity data required
  • Update and harmonization of different formats of trial reports into a single standard format BAD
  • Extrapolation of the relevant information and targeted bibliographical searches
  • Strong agronomical and plant pathology expertise, to provide argumentation in support of the label objective, in the event of data are not entirely sufficient
  • Extensive expertise in updating BAD from the old version (7600/VI/95 rev. 6)
  • Dossier BAD written with easy to read format to facilitate the officials
  • Easy adaptation of the dossier to the different national requirements with translation done by native speakers (collaboration with agronomists member of the ANADIAG Group network)
  • Dossier BAD usable for every EU state, following the mutual recognition approach within the "EPPO Climatic zones - Mediterranean" and following the new regulatory areas; eventually, possibility of argue dossiers by crossing data coming from other climatic zones.